Chemistry of hotmelt PSA formulations

An overview of adhesive raw materials and the chemistry of several PSA formulations in which tackifying resins are used will be presented. Focus will be given to styrene block copolymers and tackifier resins, including hydrcarbons resins and rosin resins, as well as their modifications. Formulation selection criteria and tools to characterize these types of resins will be given, making it easier for formulators to choose the right resin for the right application. The interaction and compatibility of tackifying resins with several polymers will be discussed, focussing on block copolymers and their use in HMPSA formulations.

SESSION 3 – TAPE PRODUCTION – Afera Tape College
Location: Date: 05/04/2022 Time: 09:01 - 09:30 Jarno Weemers – Eastman Chemical Company