Harmen Rooms – Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

Harmen Rooms studied Applied Physics at the Fontys University in Eindhoven and received his Bachelor degree in 2003.

He worked at Philips N.V. in the field of electrooptical characterization of OLED devices and at OTB as measurement and analysis engineer. At TNO and Holst Centre he continued his work on OLEDs but also focused on modelling and optical simulations. During this time, he participated in the European Multiscale Modelling Platform (MMP) project. Harmen Rooms has co-initiated and worked on several local and European projects like CPV4All (Setting up pilot production of concentrated PV modules) and Clean4Yield (in-line measurement and yield control in Roll-to-Roll applications).

In 2018 he joined Coatema as Head of R&D Projects where he leads a team for coordination and execution of funded projects.



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